Brushes and Big Band Book Bundle


Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes is like no other book available. Written by Melbourne drummer Anthony Stanislavski, the reader will gain a comprehensive set of skills that will free up their brush playing forever!

The book includes:

  • Swing, shuffle, jazz waltz, up tempo, ballad, bossa nova, salsa and funk pattern choreography
  • Single & double stroke roll, single stroke 4, paradiddle and numbered stroke roll applications
  • 6 note stickings and foot applications
  • 8 original compositions with lead sheets and fully notated interpretations
  • Drum-less backing tracks for all exercises and songs
  • Video performances of all material at multiple angles

Never before has there been such a comprehensive resource available. This is a must for anyone wanting to take their brush playing to new heights!

The Beginner's Guide to Big Band Drumming addresses the challenges of reading, short and long note orchestrations, saxophone, trumpet, or trombone section figures, ensemble figures and how to tackle rests and fills, turning them into playable phrases that fit stylistically within a piece with well thought out exercises presented in a logical format.

The book contains over 100 exercises and two big band charts written specifically for the book, which also include fully notated drum interpretations. Each exercise and chart come with play-along backing tracks, minus drums, from slow to fast tempos and there are also video and audio demonstrations of all the material covered in the book.

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